Fabian Kuiper (verified owner) – February 26, 2021

I thought to myself, why buy an expensive rash guard? But I couldn’t control myself with this amazing design, and ordered the green version. Shipping was fast and when I opened the package and put it on, I realised why you shouldn’t waste money on those cheap ones and go for this one instead. A beyond perfect fit. Excellent design that makes you feel confident. Thanks to the very carefully thought out details it won’t slip up or down, even when you do handstand push ups. Even after several washings (I wear mine at least once a week) after more than a year it still looks newly bought.


Anna Kirkegaard – December 17, 2017

The tights is very soft and comfortabel. They go all the way to the navel, so you will get good support for your stomach.

Asbjørn Lassen – December 17, 2017

Wow, got my hoodie few days ago, and im more then happy and suprised about how good it looks and how awesome it feels! the quality is really really good, and the fitting is super, it makes me look really maskulin and love the print! that is true Viking street-wear!

Björn Christian Hvidberg – December 12, 2018 (Facebook)

If you need some awesome and at the same time nice clothes in good quality then this is the place to spend some money !!

Jonas Thomasen – December 26, 2017

Really nice quality and lovely to wear!

Fabian Kuiper (verified owner) – February 26, 2021

Fit everything you need when you go training. Even with medieval soft kit training it will fit your clothes, helmet and other items of protection, water bottle and a snack. Easy to adjust to back pack or shoulder bag. 100% recommended.

Kenneth Erland Mørk Erlandsen – June 27, 2019 (Facebook)

Really satisfied with the product, have been waiting anxiously to get my training jersey ….. super satisfied, can highly recommend it to others who lack the training clothes in the best Nordic style

Mailos Buch Bak – August 11, 2018 (Facebook)

I didn’t count on the quality I got, but am only pleasantly surprised. Bought both the one with short and long sleeves, sat perfectly, can be highly recommended.

Peter Kier (verified owner) – January 25, 2018

Original Einherjar Logo T-shirt – Really nice fit

Benjamin Thor Sandager – May 3, 2020 (Facebook)

Einherjar makes the coolest clothes and you get a totally good treatment.

AC Segalt – September 29, 2020 (Facebook)

Super functional sportswear. Jotunhide Rashguard t-shirt that does not slip up, and Original leggings are cool for roller skating and crossfit. I fell on roller skates one day, got a big skin scrape on the leg, but the pants (the gray leggings) did not hurt. The t-shirt helps me keep the right temperature whether I run away or relax a bit. The Ragnarok bag is the best sports bag I have had – there is room for all my equipment and I love the space for shoes.

Colin Toonen – March 3, 2018 (Facebook)

Love the trainings pants. It is light and baggy good to move in during boxing or kickboxing. Doenst get sticky when you sweat in it.

Oliver Ethelfeld – December 26, 2017
I ordered a long-sleeve t-shirt size L. The shirt came on the expected date without any complications.
The t-shirt is made of the soft and quality fabric and it fits great! (1.83 cm, 83 kg)
The logo on the shirt is of great quality as well, and you cant feel the printing on the inside of the shirt, which gives the shirt a great comfortable feel.
Matias Park – March 18, 2018 (Facebook)

The best quality fabric iv’e ever tried!! Not only does it look good, it’s super comfy to wear. Especially the T-shirts are designed to fit the shape of your chest, shoulders and torso, and give you that awesome V-shape. It really just highlights your body in the best way – It makes you a real Einherjar!

Leslie Ash – March 11, 2018 (Facebook)

Just got some leggings and shirt that fit amazingly! Great wear for roller derby and such an awesome message!! Super friendly customer service too!!!!

Annika Sigkjær Laursen – April 21, 2018 (Facebook)
Good quality! So Nice and comfy for everyday doings and a workout. Wheter it’s strength training, Cardio or yoga.
It’s also fits very Well on my body, and shapes after it.
So overall im so happy for my set!
And the viking power symbols are done beutifully, especially on the tights! So in love with the design!
Roel Van Mierlo – Juna 24, 2020 (Facebook)

Good quality and comfortable clothing. It’s not just about apparel, it’s about family. Einherjar has my full support!

Andrei Tseprounov – November 29, 2019 (Facebook)

I had a couple of questions before placing my order and Mathias answered them all and provided top notch customer service! 

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