Original Einherjar Odin shirt


Einherjar Odin T-shirt.
Top-quality t-shirt with the Classic logo of the Einherjar viking wear.

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Einherjar Odin tshirt

Einherjar Odin tshirt is a top quality tshirt with the Classic logo of the Einherjar viking wear, this is made with a comfortable tight fit over the chest and arms, but it goes easy on the abs/stomach. We do that because we know that all men want to enhance their looks on the upper body, but not all can pull off the full on berserker abs. Essentially, our Odin t shirt as well all of our other viking-inspired clothing is for you who want to live inspired by the strength of Norse mythology.

Odin the Allfather, a god that takes the best of the best, the Einherjar, but even more than them, he loves the ferocity of a warrior or a fighter, if you need to wear that shirt proud, you need to be a berserker in life, let nothing put you down, and take it all head on, and as a challenge. Learn more about our Odin t shirt here and the style:

Special fit. If you prefer loose fit, choose a larger size.

Color: Black

Material: 100% cotton

Weight – 140 g

Washable at 40 degrees

Production and copyrighted design by Einherjar Wear.

Odin shirt/Logo Shirt
front length 72 73,5 75 76,5
 chest 111 116 121 126
waist 97 102 107 112
bottom width 104 109 114 119
shoulder width 46 47,5 49 50,5
sleeve length 17,5 18,5 19,5 20,5
sleeve cuff 32 33,5 35 36,5


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