Raid Party to Germany.

Fight and Travel.

we, with our club in full contact medieval fighting, went to Germany to fight in the Winter Fight Cup, we had strong opponents, one team is the best in western europe and another might at this point be the best in the world. But we went toe to toe with the first so a draw, won 7 other fights and lost only to the Champs. This was big for our team, to show that if we stick together, train hard and fight even harder we will succeed. And when we talk about all this fighting what is the reason for us to do this some what crazy sport. i can tell it in the way that we almost always have been nervous to enter the ring, but it was like a call from the past, to travel the world, fight, sell and get experience, share our culture of old. Now what you can do is watch us fight in the bronze match, with one red card, so we are four on five. That normally is a loosing sign, but take a look at what happens when you decide to win and what tactics and brotherhood can do.

The fight i wright about starts at 23.45 and you can see me with the axe jumping exited, knowing that our plan will work, and my brother blind sides him, and i grab the guy on pursuit.

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