Time to visit the Trolls.

This time we took to Prague, only knowing that the guys from Prague trolls would take care of us, AND THAT THEY did, as you can see in the video. We had so much help from many guys and girls from the team, we only knew one before we left Denmark and came back with memories and friends for life. When the Awesome people of Prague takes good care of you. You are sure to have one hell of a time.


One thought on “Time to visit the Trolls.

  1. Andreas Schepetz says:

    Hi there.

    Like I wrote to Mathias just a few minutes before, maybe you are interested to come to Austria – sword-fighting-workshop on Castle Kaprun? I´m member of Orgateam Kaprun – we would be happy to invite you!

    Best regards
    Andreas Schepetz

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